UK // Weymouth



I’m a UK music producer, My genre of music ranges from Hip-Hop, Reggae to Electronic.

I’ve been making music for a hot UK min, working with a variety of artists.

I make mostly make Hip-Hop music and sometimes dip into the electronic realm with a more melodic sound, I think it comes from listening to a lot of Ninja tunes stuff, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Budda Bar, Hotel Costes, Funk, Disco, I could go on for days, but I won’t… All these sounds have been a big influence in the music I make

I mostly grew up on funk, reggae, ragga, Pop and 90’s Hip-Hop.

And I always had the fresh tapes for my Walkman. 😉 Throwback…

My styles versatile and original.

I’m influenced by a lot of music Rare Groove, Jazz Funk, Rock, anything with a heartbeat.

I’ve collaborated with other unique producers which include C&D productions and Project 5am Juice Aleem, SoundKillaz, Dolby D, and much more

Now I’m contributing the movement and culture I’ve enjoyed for so long!

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